About The HOTCOOK™

How It Came About

She loves spicy food and is a chili addict. Chef Adilah, a mother of two shares the same kind of love with her German husband, spicy food.

Having cheesy scramble eggs with chili padi shows the extent of their addiction. Chef Adilah also an avid lover of cooking simple and quick western food also not forgetting our very own local food especially Kelantanese dishes. She used to travel the world and this has given her the experience of cooking western food in a simple and fast manner without compromising the taste. Being a mother with no help of a maid made her choose what is practical and efficient when it comes to kitchen practices.

Dapur Sainer came about after Chef Adilah gave birth to her first baby back in 2009. Working from 9 to 5, she was seeking for a solution to make an instant, ready to use chili paste to cook delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy despite being fast and easy. She then started to cook, modify and create her own chili oil that could last for a long period of time for her own usage whereby the original recipe is from Chef Adilah’s own mother. One day she decided to serve her guests the chili oil and they loved it..!

After receiving an overwhelming respond, request started pouring in and at that very moment Chef Adilah decided to leave her job and pursue her passion fully in May 2014. Since food is the epicentre  of her life, she pursued her dreams and Dapur Sainer has sold hundreds of bottles each month since and has reached the range of 5 products within the span of just 3 years.